Finance Council

Finance Council Members

Chair: Michael Gallagher

Members: Robert Doody, Suzie Doody, Greg Pedersen

Annual Financial Reports and Talks

Annual Finance Committee Report to the Parish Oct 2022

Annual Report 2021


Canon # 537: “In each parish, there is to be a Finance Council to
help the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish. It is ruled by
universal law and by the norms laid down by the diocesan Bishop, and it is comprised of
members of the faithful selected according to these norms.”
“The Finance Council is a consultative body which provides the pastor with
advice concerning the stewardship of parish fiscal resources. It is to serve the goals and
priorities set by the Pastoral Council. It assists the pastor by:

  • Conducting long range financial planning with regard to funding operational and
    capital needs in the parish and developing a three year fiscal plan;
  • Developing and overseeing a parish budget process which results in an annual parish
    budget. This process should involve the participation of those responsible for parish
    programs. It should be designed in such a way as to address the parish priorities and
    goals determined by the pastor and parish pastoral council;
  • Providing financial analysis of current fiscal status reports;
  • Providing for adherence to the Parish Investment Policy developed by the Bishop’s
  • Providing the parish with periodic (no less than annually) reports on the financial
    position of the Parish.” (cf. Canon 1287, 2).
  • In addition to other duties, the Finance Council will review all proposed parish expenditures over the amount of $2,000 before the expenditure is authorized by the pastor. (This review excludes all emergency and necessary repairs.)

“While the Finance Council has significant responsibility for the stewardship of the
parish financial resources, it is not the role of the Finance Committee to recommend
directions, priorities, or programs other than those related to its delegation: fiscal
stewardship. For this reason, the other consultative structures must be in place for the
finance committee to fulfill its role responsibly and effectively.” (Bishop’s
Guidelines – II – 58 & II – 59)