Promote health and wellness within the context of our Catholic values, beliefs, and faith practices by sharing the talents and gifts we have received from the Holy Spirit.

Empower St. Michael’s faith community, including its family, individual members and the community it serves to incorporate health and wellness practices from a faith perspective to achieve desired outcomes.



  • Offer quarterly Blood Pressure screenings
  • Contribute health related articles to St. Michael’s Messenger and include pertinent information in the weekly bulletins
  • Sponsor semi-annual Red Cross Blood Drives
  • Host programs that integrate current medical and behavioral knowledge with the beliefs and practices of our faith to promote health as wholeness and to prevent or minimize illness
  • Provide initial emergency response to emergent medical situations during parish related services when member(s) are present at that function


Cancer Peer Support Group:  cancer-support-ribbonsSt. Michael’s HealthCare Ministry is blessed to offer this program will be facilitated by Cindy Beljan, M.S., an educator, formerly affiliated with the American Cancer Society and a cancer survivor herself.  Cindy first dealt with breast cancer in 1994 and a recurrence of Stage IV cancer in 2012.  Participation is open to parishioners or family members with a cancer diagnosis.   Contact Linda below for details.

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