bible-556720St. Michael’s Prayer Network was started in September 1982 and is currently comprised of parishioners who pray for the intentions of other parishioners and their family/friends. The intentions are published in the weekly bulletin. All parishioners are encouraged to participate in the ministry. Our ministry also remembers those petitions at Mass during the Prayer of the Faithful.

The members of the Prayer Network appreciate being able to serve the parish and be a blessing to others through one of the greatest gifts we have been given — prayer!


Your prayer requests can be emailed to Nancy McLaughlin.

If you do not have access to email, you can add your request to the prayer list in the narthex. Prayer requests will be added to the bulletin each week and will remain in the bulletin for the remainder of the month.

Join Us

St. Michael’s Prayer Team needs you! This is a great ministry for parishioners who want to be of service to others, but do not have the time for scheduled activities. If you feel a calling to this ministry, simply send an email to Nancy McLaughlin. and the prayer list will be sent to you each week so you can pray for the intentions.