Give your financial support to meet the monetary needs of the parish.  Consider the difference that a gift of one hour of your weekly salary would be for our parish programs.  This simple metric is easy to quantify, and sharing a portion of your good fortune multiplies it to the benefit of so many.

  • Offertory.  Offertory collection, poor  box, and maintenance funds- can be given weekly, monthly or quarterly to sustain parish day to day operations.  Ongoing expenses such as utilities,  salaries, internet/ phones, and health care. All  are predictable, regular expenses that can be budgeted and planned for, just like any household budget.  We also need some savings to cover for those last minute emergencies, like a new roof, repairing the refrigerator, or a leaky window.  This is why one of  our Gift of Hours program includes 1 hour of income each week.  To plan a balanced budget, we require a stable and predictable stream of income. Therefore we ask that each family includes St. Michael offertory in their weekly and monthly household budgets.  We offer the convenience of monthly envelopes mailed to your home or online giving.  Contact the office to receive your envelopes,  or click here to find out more about Online Giving.
  • Capital Campaigns – Embracing our Mission.  We must plan for long term capital repairs, maintenance , replacements, and improvements to our grounds and buildings.  This is accomplished through capital campaigns like Grace Under Pressure, Embracing our Mission or the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal,  the Spring Fundraiser, or other special appeals, such as the Jamaica Mission.  These campaigns involve giving from other sources of personal income. We do not expect all parishioners to be able to do this.  These special giving opportunities:   inheritance, annual tax refunds,  an unused college fund, or insurance policy.   Click here to learn more about our current Embracing our Mission Campaign for St Michael Poplar Springs.
  • Legacy Giving through Endowments.  Endowments  sustain the cemetery, parish operations, and parish programs of your choice for future generations.  Endowment giving comes from various sources:  long  term estate planning,  inheritance, and insurance.

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